List of Services provided by  Zenith in-house Teams (direct)  for Residents and the Owners

  Services for the tenants: 


  1. Online room reservations services

  2. No commission charges for room booking and viewing

  3. Online services facilities via Zenith Holding Mobile App (Android, IOS)

  4. Prompt support via phone, chatroom to our receptionists

  5. Clean up and preparation of the room before entry

  6. Saving cost for purchasing many items (Grocery, Fruits, Vegetables etc.)

  7. Easy payment services (Cash, Smart cards, online) for services provided

  8. Saving time for ordering and receiving items

  9. Providing weekly events

  10. Entertainment services

  11. Training and classes (Languages, Karate) for tenants

  12. Maid services

  13. Laundry services

  14. Tailoring services

  15. Delivery services

  16. Daily fresh consumables and edibles

  17. Hot and fresh baked breads

  18. Car wash services

  19. Roof Garden and Coffee Shop services

  20. Shuttle bus (Transportation to Mall of the emirates)



  1. Fully luxurious furnished apartments

  2. Easy check-in and Check-out 24/7

  3. Additional fold-able bed for one-bedroom and studio

  4. Access on our mobile app services

  5. Party Hall facilities

  6. Shuttle bus (Transportation event to mall of the emirates)

  7. Saving for not paying utility bills and deposits

  8. Online room reservation services

  9. Providing Zenith customized furniture

  10. Booking the room using various renown websites, Apps or directly from Zenith website.

  11. Different payment methods for reserving the room

  12. Plenty of decorative and greenery items




  1. Handymen services

  2. In-house services from other zenith group companies

  3. Fixing fabrics services (Sofa, Curtain, etc.)

  4. Prompt corresponding feedback via Zenith Holding App (Android, IOS)

  5. Online Chatroom for all requirements (Leakage, AC, Lighting, Plumbing, heater, etc.)


Services to Property owners 

  1. Higher rental income on short term rather than long term lease

  2. Wide range of marketing channels

  3. Advertising in International and Local Websites and Apps

  4. Easy monitoring apartments without hassle

  5. Providing the viewing of the apartment to the clients

  6. Providing zenith’s customized furniture

  7. Providing Interior Design and Decorative furniture on affordable price

  8. Providing apartment renovation and fixation on affordable price

  9. Monthly report of tenancy and occupancy

  10. Reimburse monthly rent net income

  11. Check-in and check-out accessible through our website

  12. Following up for any legal matter that may occur with tenants

  13. Taking care of the tenants

  14. Preparing the unit for new tenants

  15. Providing maintenance (Labour charges free)

  16. Fixing fabrics services (Sofa, Curtains etc.)

Zenith Hospitality Service Company

Provide variate of services to give more comfort to the Residents: specially to short term rental client as follow benefits: 

  • Saving cost of purchasing items and services.

  • Savings time to order and receiving the items and services.

  • Providing fresh and qualified Items.

  • Delivery on time to the resident's apartment.

  • Easy submit the request through zenith app on mobile or website.