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1. Signing Property Management Agreement between Zenith and the Landlord.

2. The Landlord has to provide a Power of Attorney of Lease to Zenith's representative to manage it on his behalf.

3. The Landlord has to Connect all utilities under his/her name to allow the tenants to utilize them by free of charges.

4. The apartment should be in good conditions for premises and furnishes. the tenants should not be disturbed time to time for maintenance.  

5. The apartment should be fully furnished as the list which Zenith will request from the Landlord. 

6. The Landlord has to pay his/her service charge to related developers so Zenith team enable to get permission from them to do maintenance, renovation and viewing the premises to clients. 

7. The landlord has to provide his/her Account Bank details so Zenith will be able to remit the rental income to the account. 


To assign the property for short term lease, the Landlord is required to invest in the property to provide furnished facilities and interior and decor work to attract the potential tenants. this will help us to do marketing easily and rent the unit with higher prices.


Zenith by having interior and work shop Team enable to provide customized, furnished items and decorative object to use maximum space of the property and to look luxurious with affordable prices and high quality. We have a full range of technical teams such as joinery, Masonry, Aluminum and Glass, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire fighting and Air Condition expert team enable us to offer the Landlord affordable price for doing renovation and principal maintenance of the property if it is required.

Dear Landlord you can visit the below two links for online shopping of Home products and Services for renovation purpose.