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Space saving Concept


Bustling metropolises of the world from New York,London & Paris to Singapore,Hong Kong,Dubai &Tokyo are magnets for people from all walks of life.The Central business Districts (CBDs) of the same form the lifeline of such cities.Often these cities are characterised by extremely high net value for space per sq.ft.Dubai being one such city is a prime example for it.

Space is a luxury that not everyone can afford.People who are used to sprawling frontyards and backyard back home have to make do with a measly balcony when they live in Dubai.We in Zenith believe that every sq.ft of space counts.Not just that ,even every single cm of vertical height matter for us.Thats why we have come up with a solution of ours to tackle the issue of space.We have retrofitted our properties with an additional folding bed in the living area which will double up as a comfortable sleeping area during the night. As to be expected ,our folding beds have been an instant hit for our tenants/landlords as they are both value for money and convenience at the same time.

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