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Refurbish & Retrofit buildings:Sustainability in construction

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Technology is the way we live nowadays.It is all pervasive and imminent.If there is one another imminent trend that will fight with Technology for our equal attention,it is Sustainability.

And Sustainability is here to stay.Striving to live zero waste and making a low carbon footprint is an onus on every individual now. Governments across the world are slowly waking up to the perils of climate change and

Construction being the single most sector which engulfs huge amounts of energy, has been trying to adapt to the growing demand for a more sustainable way of doing things.Green building codes and Carbon offsets have been put in place.Dubai municipality ,Trakhees ,Dewa all have been pushing the envelope for implementing sustainable practices.

A few months back, Dubai held witness to the RetrofitTech Dubai Summit .During the same,The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has set the goal of reducing energy demand by 30% by 2030 .Players like DEWA,Etihad energy services company ( Etihad ESCO) ,Wasl Asset management and Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM) have vehemently agreed on the importance of retrofitting buildings,offices,hotels,hospitals and schools for reaching this goal. To achieve this goal, retrofitting and refurbishing existing buildings has been identified as a core strategy to reduce overall energy demand .

While construction keeps up its pace as always to meet the demands of the population,refurbishing older buildings to meet the demands of better energy efficiency will help in making the construction industry more sustainable.Zenith is pleased to have been a pioneer among companies to look back into refurbishing their own buildings.Our refurbished buildings can boast of lesser cooling loads and hence lesser energy loads.

Here at Zenith,nothing qualifies as waste.We constantly strive to attain zero waste by maximising usage and putting waste to good use.We have put to good use in one of our buildings the condensation water collected from the air conditioning units,by recirculating them for be put to use .


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