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Fourth Industrial Revolution:The Internet of Things

As the world gears up for the fourth industrial revolution from all quarters,our senses are mesmerised at the possibilities of AI and a Technology driven Future.Artificial intelligence,Internet of things ,Augmented reality,Virtual reality and machine learning are the buzzwords of this generation.Dubai is at the forefront of this bandwagon and is busy equipping its people and infrastructure to usher in the future first.Smart homes,humanoid assistants,flying bikes are currently being tested in Dubai. Hyperloop will transform the way humans travel and will mark its debut in the UAE in the next year.

Zenith is also keen to implement internet of things in its properties.Smart home services by Zenith is a subsidiary that has implemented fingerprint/biometric door lock system in all our short term properties.We are one step away from going the whole home automation loop.

We are sure that there will be more things to follow soon to make our tenant experience more seamless and intuitive.Home and Office automation is something we are passionately pursuing and has already been implemented in the headquarters.

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