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Leasing Property in Dubai (Short Term Rental)

Dear New Owner / landlord

Renting your invested apartment to unknown client can be risky. Especial if it is rented frequently via short term lease. Moreover, many requirements are needed to fulfil in order to satisfy the clients who are more sensitive compare to long term lease. These days renting unit in Dubai are more difficult and more competitive. Zenith Vacation Homes Company by providing plenty of Services in term of short term lease business drives to Add Value for the Landlords. We have Great Accessibility through our in-house teams such as Design, Construction, Hospitality and so on in order to serve the residents and the landlords properly. 


By ZENITH Short Term Rental Guidelines encounter  higher rental income: 

  •  Firstly the unit has to be in Good conditions and catching eyes for Short Term Rent Business.   Zenith Team Propose an affordable price if it is needed to take necessary renovation actions for the unit. Therefore, Zenith interior Co.,  Zenith Construction Co. and Zenith Building Material Co. try to improve the unit for higher rental income for the owner. 


Zenith Interior 


Zenith Const. 


Zenith Supply 

  • The second step is to provide Hospitality services to the tenants that include plenty of services such Maintenance, Maid Services, Laundry, tailoring, Food and consumable item delivery service, entertainment and sports, Roof garden facility and so on. Therefore,  Zenith Hospitality services and Zenith Technical Services are setup  for this purposes.



Group 2.png


  •  The third step is Marketing in Professional ways. Zenith Vacation Home Company (for short term lease) and Zenith Real Estate Development Company (for long term rent) support the Owners to find the tenants for short and long term lease by advertising through well know platform website for international and local client 


Short term use


Long term use

  • It will be more advantageous if Zenith team manage the building as a role of Owner Association  and Facility Management company. It will help the landlords to get easily permission to renovate the unit and allow the residents to use common area for hospitality services purpose for short term business. meanwhile, the services and short term lease management will be centralized in the building to maximize efficiency and comfort for the residences . for instance Zenith Towers are getting the benefits by managing the building through  "Key Signature Owner Association CO" ( part of Zenith team). The building has been improved in term of environment and facilities to respond the short terms leases business needs. 

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