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Short Term Advantages

Tenant Benefits:  

  Leasing short term property in Dubai has a lot of benefits          for tenants:  

  1. Easy Renting with less requirements (visa, Ijari, Cheque,...)  

  2. Easy Moving  and Easy Canceling  (not transportation charges)

  3. Saving cost by not paying Commission to Broker / Agent

  4. Saving cost by not buying the furniture and appliances 

  5. Saving time and expenses for utility bills and deposits

  6. Saving risk of charges if earlier cancellation of the tenancy agreement.

  7. Easy Rental Payments plan (Monthly Payment in advance) 

  8. Benefits of Hospitality Services by Zenith Hospitality Company

  9. Benefits of receiving proper services by Zenith Maintenance Team

  10. Benefits of having luxury spaces and facilities  

Landlord Benefits:


Leasing short term property in Dubai has lot of benefits for Owners:  

  1. Easy Renting with less requirement (visa, Ijari, Cheque,...).  

  2. Payment will be in advance no bounced check Risks. 

  3. More demand for Short term rather than long term.

  4. More income for short term rather than long term. 

  5. Easy Monitoring the rental report by Zenith monthly Reports. 

  6. Less involvement in rental issues by assigning to Zenith Team

  7. Let your tenant get the benefits of  Zenith Hospitality Services.

  8. Easy to vacate the unit (usually not longer than one month).

  9. Less risk of unit premises damage due to no furniture shifting.   

  10. Providing customized furniture to save cost and space and maintenance

Rental income Comparison between Short & Long Term Lease:

Renting One-bed room unit based on long term:

  • Average rate for One bedroom in one year is  38,000 (for 2019)

  • Average of vacancy  period time to find tenant is 45 days

  • Average gross period the tenant required from booking time to start the agreement is 20 days.

  • Property management charge 2000 AED        

  •  Associated Risks with long term lease condition:     

  1. Vacating default tenant will be taken 3 month

  2. Terminate earlier  the agreement by the tenant 

  3.  Abandonment Risk   


After All considerations  the profit (without deducting  service charge) will be 29,500 AED per year

Renting One-bed room unit based on Short term:

  • Average rate for One bedroom in one month  is  6,500 AED for 2019 (yearly  78000 AED ).

  • Average of vacancy period of time to be occupied the unit in whole year will be 15 days.

  • Property management charge 15% of the rent amount.  

  • Average Utility cost (Dewa, Due,..) will be 10,000 yearly

  • Associated Risks with short term lease condition:

  1. Damaging or stealing furniture items.        

After All considerations  the profit (without deducting  service charges) will be 51,000 AED per year


Please be informed that all the above data are true and based on Zenith short term lease rental and market analysis 

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